Koen Clonen

Studies (location)
Master’s in Law (Free University of Brussels [VUB])
Master’s in Company Law (K.U. Brussel)
Postgraduate Family Business Adviser (K.U. Brussel)
Post-university cycle curator - liquidator (KU Leuven/University of Antwerp)
Master Class Procurement Management and Public Tenders (AMS)
Various supplementary (business-economic) programmes including business economics and mergers & acquisitions (University of Antwerp Management School, now AMS)
Areas of Expertise
Business law
Public Procurement
Public service law
Fraud and white-collar crime
Dutch, French, English
Lawyer since
At Van Goethem law since

Other professional activities

Curator - liquidator with the Commercial Court of Antwerp
Lecturer at the National Detective School of the Brussels Federal Police.


Koen Clonen joined Van Goethem Law in 2005 after a previous career with the Federal Judicial Police. He specialises and is principally active in commercial law, company and tort law, and contract law in a broad business context. He also has special expertise in disciplinary law and (company) criminal law.