Legal information

Van Goethem Law is a group of lawyers dedicated to practising law in the broadest sense of the word. The group's partners are natural persons and civil private limited liability companies.

The lawyers at Van Goethem Law are authorised to practice law everywhere in Belgium. They are members of the Antwerp Bar Association, with the title of “lawyer”, and they exercise their professional activities via the following enterprise numbers.

Herman Buyssens bv bvba (CBE/VAT number 0835.008.266)

  • Herman Buyssens
  • Sofie Vandermeersch
  • Tony Van de Calseyde



Katrien Crauwels bv bvba (CBE/VAT number 0871.193.226)

  •      Katrien Crauwels
  •      Koen Clonen
  •      Valerie Vranckx


Ann Rogge (CBE/VAT number 0812.443.591)

Lien Coenen (CBE/VAT number 0818.394.047)

Thomas De Burchgraeve (CBE/VAT number 0840.885.080)

Annelies Troost (CBE/VAT number 0846.278.676)

Stephanie Vervoort (CBE/VAT number 0534.975.685)

Sophie Berghmans (CBE/VAT number 0847.344.785)

Marijke Frosch (CBE/VAT number 0540.715.315)

Aurélie Peeters (CBA/VAT number 0561.920.901)