General terms and conditions

The professional liability of the group's lawyers is insured via the Flemish Bar Council with Ethias, Sterrenkundelaan 19, 1210 Brussels. The policy provides cover worldwide for activities undertaken by insured parties from their office in Belgium, with the exception of claims issued against the insured parties in the U.S. or Canada.

The liability of group members is limited to the amount paid out by the professional liability insurance company.

Van Goethem Law shall exercise due diligence when engaging third parties not belonging to its own organisation. The cooperation with these third parties takes place in the interest of and after prior consultation with the client. Any liability for shortcomings on the part of these third parties is excluded.

Our statement of fees and expenses are due within 15 days as of the invoice date. In the absence of payment in due course, the amount due shall automatically and without notice be increased by 10%, with a minimum of €100,00, without prejudice to the right to claim higher compensation subject to proof of the higher actual damage. In the absence of payment in due course, Van Goethem Law is also entitled to charge a conventional  interest on the arrears as from the due date, the interest rate being equal to the one defined in Article 5 of the Payment Arrears Act of 2 August 2002.

The agreement between Van Goethem Law and the client is exclusively governed by Belgian law. For disputes arising from this agreement, the courts of the legal district of Antwerp have exclusive jurisdiction.